Biscuits: The crunchy happiness

My first post in ‘Food’ category and let’s talk about biscuits. Yes, biscuits. And I am not sharing any cookies recipe but just sharing certain popular biscuits that I like.

  1. Brittania Orange and Oats:  The refreshing and tangy flavour of orange in biscuits made of oats goes well with my evening coffee. Actually, I love the flavour of orange be it in cakes, chocolates and now even in biscuits. The crunch and fact that it has oats make it sound healthier.
  2. Bournvita cookies: I have never had mixed bournvita in my milk (never even as a kid) but nowadays I am totally addicted to these cute bournvita cookies. A small Rs 10/- pack finishes up as soon as I open it up. It is not over chocolaty nor totally bland. I have seen how my cousins used to love eating bournvita, well now I eat bournvita the biscuit.
  3. Parle-G: The evergreen, ever favourite, 4 am biscuits. Be it any corner of our country, any small shop, this brand can be found anywhere and everywhere. The best buddy of tea and honestly it satisfies my sweets cravings sometimes when there are no sweets available.
  4. Oreo:  Eat it, make cakes and shakes of it, use at topping for ice cream, oreo is a multi purpose biscuit. I have to be careful on count when I open an Oreo pack.
  5. Monaco Salt Biscuits: A simple and basic biscuit but tasty and munchable. It can also be used as appetizer. Just toss some veggies in white sauce and add cheese, an elegant and easy appetizer is ready to go on the round.

I drink tea or coffee whenever I have a biscuit craving. It curbs the hunger and satisfies my taste buds. There is a joy in dipping the biscuit and then eating it while saving it from drowning of course.

#FoodForThought : In a busy life, let us learn to appreciate and enjoy small pleasures of life. Even a small biscuit makes tea/coffee time enjoyable. Everything holds its own importance.

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