Dosa – A Tribute with Love

This blog is a tribute to my all time favorite dish Dosa. Brought up in a Marwari family and in northern part of India, I remember that I have eaten Dosa most of the times whenever we went out for family feasts. It is a childhood food love. Yes, pastas, pizzas and noodles are cool but the level of happiness and satisfaction a crispy Dosa can bring is something else.

Batter is traditionally made of rice and black gram. It is then spread over the hot tawa in that perfect shape, greased with oil or ghee, cooked to perfection. Then comes out this beauty. It is usually served with Sambar, Coconut Chutney and other varieties of chutneys. I actually consider it to be the blessing to culinary world. This is probably one dish that (usually) can’t go wrong no matter you try it in any restaurant or roadside carts. It can be eaten for breakfast as well as lunch/dinner.

Dosa is indigenous to South India. My Kannada friend told me that it is called Dōse in Kannada. In Tamil Nadu it is called Dosai. There may be other names but this is what I know majorly. I was reading about its origin on internet and Wikipedia mentions that its reference occurs in the Tamil Sangam Literature from around 6th century AD. In popular tradition, its origin is linked to Udupi in present day Karnataka.

The best part about food is that no matter where its origin lies, food connects the heart of people across cultures. Originated in South of India but one can find a Dosa stall in almost every part of India. It rules the menu cards in family restaurants.

In my family, since our staple food is chapati and curry, preparation of Dosa means a special task. It comes under special food category for us. In South India I think majorly every household has a ready batter. I wish I had this ease. During my all trips to South India till now, I had eaten it once a day for everyday of my stay. When I used to return home, my mother thought now I would not ask for it for atleast a month but I failed her. Sorry mom!! I can eat it any day.

Every food item undergoes various changes and variants with time. May be it was a classic plain Dosa once upon a time, which was then experimented with potato filling and became Masala Dosa. Variants like Mysore, Rawa, Pesarattu, Neer etc. and various experiments with its filling made this simple looking dish vibrant. Fusion dosa like Szechwan, Spring, Cheese, Paneer, Keema simply shows our creativity in lines with mingling with other food cultures. I wonder how they make long and extra crispy Paper Dosa. During my trip to Hyderabad, I came across Pizza Dosa. Forget the calorie count in case you watch how they make it. Just swim into the deep ocean of taste of that amazing variant.

Pizza Dosa

Dear Dosa, you unite the taste buds of this vibrant country. God bless the soul of the person who came up with this dish.

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