An Ode to Dheevara..

Since past two months I discovered myself as a fangirl. Thanks to this one movie Baahubali-The beginning that introduced an already superstar yet unknown actor to me that is PRABHAS. But this blog is not about Prabhas or how I explored this new craze since I have already mentioned it in my previous blogs (read here Stuck in Baahubali Storm and To Baahubali.. with love.. and loads of it..) . This blog is about a very special part rather sequence from the movie Baahubali. It is about a song that is haunting me since I watched it for the first time in theater… Dheevara..


Dheevara prasara shourya bhara
Uthsara sthira ghambheera….

I can’t imagine that I am actually writing a blog dedicated to a song afterall it’s just a song. But no. It is not just any ordinary song. It is ‘Dheevara’ It has something enchanting, mysterious, mystic some sort of attraction that has hit my soul. Not just in terms of music but also the way it has been shot. Yes it is a work of vfx but actors did perform those jumps and climbing and falling part. I love listening to music and of every kind so this song creates the same magic even when I simply hear it.

Lets talk about it. A boy attracted by a mask he found accidentally creates an image of whose it can be. To search that lady of his imagination he is ready to cross all bridges, climb all mountains, jump any distance. Basically destiny takes him to his roots and reality as shown in this movie. He was already curious to know what lies there at the top of that waterfall that was so high that it remained hidden in clouds. How the girl of his dreams becomes his guarding angel to successfully cross the cliff that he actually failed 100s of times before. That apsara guides him to climb more rocks and never stop until he reaches his destiny. He gets tired, falls from a great height as well but his desire to reach the top never fades away. He crosses a mystic jungle with joy and excitement and not feeling scared of a huge waterfall that could have engulfed him to death. Here we are talking about our superhero Baahubali (Shivudu) who is no ordinary man. To make the final climb he even makes bow and arrow and hanging rope from the stuff available around him and takes that final jump that literally took my breath away. He posed perfectly to hit the bull’s-eye and made his final climb to reach his destiny. It had Perfect synchronization of vfx and stunts performed by Prabhas along with imagination of director Mr. SS Rajamouli and the team that left me speechless. I noticed that during the whole song Prabhas’s expressions were bang on as if he is curious to know what’s up there and how eager he is to reach there to find the girl who might or might not exist in real (well so optimistic of him).


The makers released the behind the scene bit of this song and one can actually see how happy Prabhas was while doing the song. He was actually enjoying that jumping, flying, crossing etc. And then director also shared a secret that Prabhas did such stunts after recovering from Shoulder injury.


Generally in our movies, a boy chasing his dream girl is supposed to be romantic and rosy but here we see that our ‘Dheevara’ hero is doing all sorts of stunts to chase his girl. That was really interesting. I would love to mention the costume part as well. Tribal look for Prabhas and celestial avatar of Tammanah was so ethereal. Seriously I loved the costume and jewelry that Tammanah was wearing and she looked stunning to be honest. And Prabhas’ costume show off-ed his bare, long, tough, strong arms… Baahubali indeed.. PERFECT!!

The music of ‘Dheevara’, I have no words to describe what feelings they invoke in me. Absolutely mesmerizing. I thank you MM Keeravani garu for giving us this song. The lyrics (penned by Ramajogayya Sastry garu and K. Siva Shakti Datta garu) are actually inspiring and use of Sanskrit makes it more magical. They perfectly describe the brave and adventurous Shivudu, our Dheevara. I can hear this song on loop and not complaint at all. I close my eyes while hearing this song and get transported into a magical mystical world all together. Kudos to the singers and chorus (chorus part rocked and how!) for such a brilliant effort. For a song with such backdrop you actually need a brilliantly apt music else it might just spoil the image and sequence.

This song plays a very important role in movie in fact best situational song I remember seeing ever. Being an enthusiastic traveler, I guess I was able to write a blog on this song because this song itself is like a beautiful, adventurous journey into the world unknown…

PS: I think I wrote this blog from that same unknown mystical world that ‘Dheevara…’ transported me to 🙂

25 thoughts on “An Ode to Dheevara..

  1. Spot on. The song itself is a masterpiece, in the legendary movie. It calms me down and takes me into a dream-world. Sanskrit never sounded so mystical before. I thought i was the only one listening on loop every day since the movie released. Good work Anushree Taparia.

  2. Hi Anushree,

    What you thought for this song and what you wrote about this song is exactly correct. My feeling also almost same for this song directed by Rajamouli garu and other crew and cast especially Prabhas.

  3. Wow !!!…Ur Blog s also magnetizing jst lyk d Song which s also my Fav. …Hats off to the whole team f Baahubali…Lvd d movie…

  4. Yes, the backdrop, the situation, the song (lyrics) and the music blend into each other in such a way that it takes or rather transports you to a fantasy world and the waterfall does not look dangerous, Prabhas quest to reach the top also does not look silly or dangerous but it all looks so romantic and pure magic.Yes, it is a magic created by Bahubali team. Hats of to Bahubali team and hats of to you too for describing it so beautifully. Truly speaking I liked the waterfall the most in this movie, it even surpasses the battlefield, I feel.

  5. Wow!!! such a wonderful writing… Bahubali created a magic in the heart of cinema lovers… Thanks to S.S.Rajamouli, Prabhas,and the whole team of Bahubali for gifting Indian cinema such an awesome Epic…

  6. I wish this movie makers, director, actors, musicians get Oscar awards. This time we have to be winners and got time to prove ourselves that we are not back in any stream 🙂

  7. I agree the song Dheevara is so much more. The song Dheevara deals with everyone's quest of spiritual and self actualization. It was necessary for Sivudu to receive Princess Avantika's mask because of Sivudu's Grandmother Queen Mother's Sivagami's prayer and ultimate sacrifice of her death which led to Sivudu's journey of redemption to learn of his true identity and seize his rightful inheritance as King of Mahismathi, . Even Queen Devasena told Kattappa that "my son will rescue me". Sivudu/Mahendra Bahubali did just that! Sivudu took the place of Princess Avantika's (now wife) oath even upon pain of her death to rescue Queen Devasena.

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