…And Prabhas made me a fan

There is a fan hidden in all of us. All we need is right topic/person/moment to unleash that craze. I found mine recently few months back in Prabhas and Baahubali. I let myself swayed away in the flow and sooner, without realizing I became a FAN of Prabhas. And today he completes 13 years of being in Telugu Film Industry, but for me he is a newbie whom I got to know in 2015.
It was 13th of July 2015 I remember, when I went to watch a dubbed south Indian movie without having any idea about its cast. The craze on social media especially twitter made me force my cousin and uncle to accompany me to watch that movie. Baahubali- The Beginning as the name suggests became the beginning of me finding myself as a crazy fangirl for the movie and in particular the lead actor Prabhas. May be I am not that crazy a fan as those who have actually seen this actor grow over 13 years since his first movie released but as per my expectation I am crazy enough to talk and discuss over only ONE actor day and night over twitter, or writing blogs, watching his interviews, hearing and singing his songs without having an idea about the language.
So to summarize,
Step 1: Watch Baahubali.
Step 2: Google about the actor who played Baahubali to perfection.
Step 3: Listen to the advice of your twitter friends who suggest you to watch Mirchi to know and see more of him.
And the rest is history.
As a new fan, I got smitten by his charm and screen presence. Some said that he isn’t THAT good looking as Hrithik, or not THAT charming as SRK, or THAT macho as Salman, but for me he is a complete package. I have never been a fan of actors but only characters they played but I don’t know what desi appeal Prabhas has that made me a fan of him as an actor. And then more I got to know about him, his off screen humble personality, his simplicity and that how much he respects his fans increased my admiration for him. There has to be something really admirable about him that everyone in Telugu Film Industry call him ‘Darling’. Probably I have seen one of a kind celebrity about whom there is no controversy all over the internet (despite him being single and eligible.) His childlike smile, tall fit body, ruffle-worthy hair, husky voice, macho looks and (surprisingly) good dancing skills makes him adorable. I watched all his movies back to back within a span of a month I guess and a few movies multiple times because I just couldn’t get enough of him. And without knowing how the movies did on box office, or caring about the storyline or clichés, for me he is the best when it comes to action. And he definitely became a great performer with time.
Hats off to his diehard fans that waited for more than 2 years to watch him back on screen in and as Baahubali. Worth waiting guys but how did you do that? Patience, is that what Prabhas has taught you as he himself dedicated 3 years of his peak career for one single movie? Like idol, like fans. Kudos. There is no north-south India difference or language barrier for me when it comes to celebrate Prabhas.

Though he completes 13 years in film industry, but I have lived these 13 years in few months. And I am very excited to watch more and more of him in years to come. I am happy to be a small contributor in the fandom of Prabhas.

Hail the ‘Darling’. Amarendra Baahubali VIJAYEE BHAVA.

3 thoughts on “…And Prabhas made me a fan

  1. I've heard this so often… that Baahubali made people curious about Prabhas but it was Mirchi that turned them into fans. Kudos to director Siva Koratala for properly showcasing prabhas's potential more than any other director in tfi including ss rajamouli �� Someone should let him know this I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

  2. Absolutely. See Baahubali is periodical/fantasy movie and not a regular anyday movie. So Prabhas' look has to be that of a warrior but if we talk in terms of normal genre movies then Mirchi has to be Prabhas' best in all terms, be it looks, attitude this movie was appealing to both mass and class. And yeah credit goes to director Siva Koratala as Mirchi actually turned that curiosity after Baahubali into fandom.

  3. Ahn.prabs.I remember seeing prabs with ilaena in a song. Wen I was 12th..had all the update about…mirchi another craze..now am final yr engineering graduate..my electronics gadgets are filled with prabas picture..and I cal him prabhi��.just cos of me my mother started to call me paithaym.I got mobile case cover with prabhi..I m sure I ll not get such a craze on anyone like wat I have for Prabhi..prabhi.waiting to see u…to clik a single selfie.������the craze Prabhi.wen I see u..I don't no were I get such a big smile on my face.prabhi��stay blessed..

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