Epic wait begins.. Baahubali

Not all movies have power to influence and create speculation as to what’s in store in next installment. To create a national stir across all regions alike as well as gaining attention from international audience is not an easy task. Yes I am talking about my love and something I am proud to be called a crazy fan of.. Baahubali. So the makers have announced the release date of its next and final installment Baahubali-The Conclusion. SAVE THE DATE its 28th April 2017. Such a long wait to see the magical world of Baahubali come alive on silver screens again.

Coming to Prabhas, the more I know about him more I admire him. Interacting with his long time fans, knowing about his off screen behavior with his fans makes me respect him all the more and seriously want to meet him once for sure. Half of my tweets are full of praises for Prabhas. His hardwork in Baahubali has made him a darling for the entire nation. One example of how curious everyone has become of Prabhas is that his Hindi dubbed movies on Youtube are garnering giant rise in views. But he is too busy, committed and sweet to care about the rise in his fandom especially after Baahubali as he still behaves so down to earth and not starry at all. Seriously he amazes me everytime.
Although it’s too long a wait to know the answer of national question ‘Katappa ne baahubali ko kyu mara’, and to watch also how the genius SS Rajamouli sir weaves the magic of Mahishmati kingdom back on screen, this is worth waiting.
Regarding Shivudu’s life waiting for:
  • Shivudu meeting his real family
  • Him keeping a balance with foster family,
  • his revenge from his uncle,
  • Katappa’s dilemma,
  • Avantika’s love
  • How Mahishmati denizens treat the son of their beloved King.
And most importantly the flashback in Amarendra Baahubali’s life, the royal love story with Devsena and royal betrayal by Bhallaladev with a dash of Bijjaladev (and Shivagami may be). Shivagami Devi is a mystery herself. I am actually curious to watch how bad Bhallaladev can get and what makes Shivagami Devi weak.
And so much more to watch in the next part. The beginning only took us for an aerial tour of Mahishmati kingdom. Exploring it is still left. Thankfully they are coming up with Baahubali comics which I am going to buy as soon as they release it.
Special mention to the BGM and songs of Baahubali, I can’t wait to hear what MM Keeravani sir has in store for the conclusion part. Till then, let’s watch, re-watch and don’t care about the count of watching Baahubali as this one movie never ceases to amaze me. Jai Mahishmati.

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