Fan Diaries.. Life as a Baahubali Fan

Over a year has passed since I watched Baahubali-The Beginning, but its memories are still fresh and haunting everytime I think of it. And the fact is that I don’t have to try hard to think of it as it has become a part of my life. An amalgamation of multiple reasons of why and how this movie gripped me into its clutches has made me watch it ‘even God can’t tell’ many times, sometimes full movie or sometimes random selected scenes. If nothing else then its songs are enough to transport me to its world. Since past few months, this movie has impressed many audiences and markets worldwide, gaining fans and admirers everywhere. Call it vision of SSR, day-night hardwork of the whole team, perfect characterization by all the actors and Prabhas charm ofcourse (Okay I am always biased for this wonder man Mr ‘Perfect’ Baahubali Uppalapati Prabhas Raju), but this movie has created a magic in territories unexplored.
Slaying hearts in style: Prabhas ‘Baahubali’
Never used to spot much news of south Indian movies in hindi newspapers but now the media in north is also eager to report whatever bits of behind the scene come from the sets. Overhearing people in class or other public places mentioning and discussing this movie and the release of ‘The Conclusion’ part has become so usual. And as a hard core fan, I simply smile with pride controlling myself from poking into the conversation of strangers about this movie. Hearing its mention in Hindi movie awards and TV serials show such a craze it has become all around. My father loves teasing me on my Baahubali and Prabhas craze but everytime he finds this movie running on TV, he stops on the channel and watches it. Infact recently while watching the ‘Game of Thrones’ seasons, I was trying to find similarities of it with Baahubali. (Mad.. I know!)
Now my whole aim to visit Hyderabad atleast once revolves around meeting Prabhas and visiting Baahubali sets.. Charminar and Golkonda Fort can wait. Trying to grasp Telugu words and hear songs from Telugu movies are all after effects of Baahubali movie. Even my family has started enjoying listening to a few of Telugu songs without knowing a slight meaning of them (reality: they don’t have any other choice). The point is that now the fandom has reached that level where there is an unending wait to meet the cast and makers of Baahubali someday and to be able to hear them in person. I was a calm, ‘not so much into movies’ person who became a crazy loud fangirl of Prabhas, Baahubali and now back to being a calm yet a loyal fan and waiting patiently for things to unfold.
A Reason for smile: Prabhas
Now a few feelingey about ‘Darlingey’ Prabhas. His journey from being suave Jai in Mirchi to the mighty Baahubali is awe inspiring. I mean such a HUGE change in looks and physique. Such a hard worker and epitome of patience. Despite getting all the attention from the media all around, he has maintained dignity and calmness and has not let it go over his head. He still behaves, acts, talks the same way as if Baahubali never happened and he is not famous at all. He might be a simple person but for me he is mystery. I am not into fan-wars but to the haters who say Prabhas is famous all because of SSR’s Baahubali, well yes SSR is a reason for its grandeur and no doubt on his intelligence and art but Prabhas has added the perfect color to his imagination of Baahubali. With that looks and cutout to match the grandeur of the character, there is no choice other than Prabhas. Even I didn’t know Prabhas before Baahubali but now it’s even hard for me believe this fact. Haah. It’s all about that ONE moment and for Prabhas it was Baahubali. SO what! Just be proud that one Indian movie is garnering love and affection all around the world. Trust level: SSR and Prabhas. Haters are going to hate, no matter what.
Amarendra Baahubali.. Vijayee Bhava
And I am writing this after watching Baahubali for the nth time to express an overflow love, admiration, hollowness and pain as I watched this scene:
Kattappa ne Baahubali ko kyu mara??

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