Journey to Baahubali’s Mahishmati

Love takes you to places.

So did my love for a movie took me to Hyderabad. Honestly, it is really strange how can a movie make someone so crazy that it affects one personally. Well in my case, the effects have been positive as it helped me learn about a new culture and language, make new friends, visit new places that otherwise I would have not planned as such. I had mentioned in one of my earlier blogs about this urge of mine (Fan Diaries.. Life as a Baahubali Fan ). So I had planned my trip to Vizag with my friend (my memories in Vizag). After that I extended my trip to Hyderabad.

Just another city but it became all the more special for me for many reasons. The special reason tag goes to one movie called Baahubali. Ever since I had watched this movie, I got attracted to everything related to it. So it was obvious I would have loved to visit the sets where the mighty King Baahubali walked. Now let me mention two of the special people who accompanied me here : Janaki and Shambhavi. Infact, it was a kind of pact that we made, to visit the sets together which also marked our first in-person meet up after knowing each other since past 4-5 years over twitter. Baahubali and Prabhas made us great friends and what a way to celebrate our friendship by visiting the sets.

Both the girls planned one day trip to Hyderabad. Janaki came from Chennai while Shambhavi from Delhi and I was already enjoying my time in Hyderabad, dreaming about meeting my ‘Darlingeys‘. (We like to address each other by this term inspired by Prabhas).

Ramoji Film City

The mighty day arrived. 5th October 2017. The ‘Project Meet & Greet Darlingeys‘ took off. Deciding to meet at a mid location, I joined them and then we left for our Mahishmati kingdom. There, we were greeted by another Twitter buddy Bhuvan. What a pleasant surprise. Got down outside the famous Ramoji Film City, the kiddish excitement in me woke up. The girls can vouch for my madness. As we boarded the bus that took us to the tour, we all felt more and more excited. Honestly we weren’t interested in seeing anything else. It was like ‘dude, take us to Mahishmati, NOW’. But seeing sets of some city, village, park, railway station, jail etc., we boarded the bus that was taking us directly to the Mahishmati sets.

Mahishmati Welcomes You

Cut to the scene where I saw the main entrance of Mahishmati. Background music in my mind and also me singing loudly: “Mahishmati Saamrajyam, Asmakam, Ajayam…‘ Ofcourse music was already playing there but the Baahubali fan woke up from the slumber. Full on filmy mood. Seeing the huge poster saying ‘Magnificent Kingdom of Mahishmati welcomes you‘ we posed with Prabhas‘ picture and welcomed ourselves to Mahishmati. I don’t remember when was the last time I was laughing and giggling like a kid. Such was the happiness I felt to be on sets and above all with my darlingeys. We saw the chariot, the Shivalingam, Devasena prison, the central structure, the horse statues, the katappa tree etc.

That epic scene from climax. In Mahishmati.
Bhallaladeva’s pyre in Mahishmati
The central structure. Mahishmati

Being the fans of Prabhas, of course we wanted to meet him, try our luck atleast, but all in vein. But it didn’t hamper our excitement to be on the sets and living the day when we met each other for real. There were many standees and cut outs of the handsome man around. We were posing and imagining to be with him (as if we had another option, haah!).


Jailed in Mahishmati
Bhallaladeva statue

There were the parts for Bhallaladeva statue at the exit. And more standees and cut outs to pose with. I wished the sets had more to see and explore. I mean I wanted to spend more time and explore more. But at the end of the day, we all were at peace that we had finally lived, breathed, walked and seen the Mahishmati Saamrajayam.

The memories of the day shall remain forever when three girls made it to Hyderabad just to do something crazy. This is very unlike us but that’s what make memories, to do something unexpected. Janaki, Shambhavi and myself became kids again with such curiosity and exuberance. While Bhuvan was patient, cool and nice enough to click pictures of us. Or may be he was astonished to see such madness on our part. Whatever! A day full of fun, friends and frolics. A day of living the fandom. A day of making memories.

Special thanks to SS Rajamouli garu, Sabu Cyril garu for giving us a beautiful world to walk through.

Jai Mahishmati!!

Jai Mahishmati

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