Stuck in Baahubali Storm

So it has been over a month and Baahubali mania hasn’t yet come down. Infact it has gone higher and higher. I don’t remember when was the last time (or was there such moment) when a movie, yes just a movie, had such impact on me. I am not an avid movie watcher reason being I don’t watch movie for stars but for actors/artists. okay, I am actually not fond of movies. So fan girling day and night just for a movie and it’s lead actor is kind of surprising for me.


Well I am writing this to express how Baahubali has changed me, my thinking, my perception for good (atleast I think so) and also a little bad (oh yeah). Truly I like to learn from movies like Zindagi Na Milega Dobara taught me to travel, travel like a free soul and let all go. So what did Baahubali teach me? Afterall it is usual story that I have heard as bed time stories, read in Amar Chitra Katha, Ramayan or Mahabharat and nothing more than that. Well these stories have always fascinated me. How our ancient land would have been in those times, the stories of valor and heroism enchant me. So this movie was watching my dream on big screen in best possible way I can imagine. Sorry bollywood, you never served such thing to viewer like me in recent times (or may be ever). The kind of connect I felt with characters, language (amazing hindi dubbing), story was something I never felt before.

Baahubali opened my perception and liking for a new language and a film industry I never paid attention to: Telugu and Telugu films. Call me crazy but in a span of like 20 days or so I started humming Telugu songs and was daring enough to post the recording on twitter. First they were just baahubali songs but then other Telugu songs also entered my playlist and are still entering. Thanks to all lovely people on twitter who suggested me amazing music that I missed all these years. And to my pleasant surprise the Telugu speaking people liked them (I hope they were serious with their positive comments and not just pleasing me). Point is that it introduced me to new culture that I always wanted to explore but never made extra efforts and deferring it for future. And meeting amazing people who encourage me everyday to explore further.

I don’t know but I felt good when random people on twitter tweeted me that half of tweets with #Prabhas and #Baahubali come from my handle (now that is really heights of my craze). Reason behind this is that I was on a holiday and literally spent all of it celebrating Baahubali and Prabhas. Lucky of me that before leaving for Vietnam for around a month for vacation I watched Baahubali in India and loved it so much that I watched it again before leaving. And if i was in India for a bit longer time I am sure I would have watched it many more times. But seriously what was I doing even on holidays? Watching, reading, tweeting and dreaming about Baahubali and Prabhas if I was not exploring the place. And some crazy people I met on twitter simply exaggerated the craze. And what more that the local friend I made in Vietnam, I made watch few video songs of Prabhas (she still listens to Idedho Bagunde from Mirchi). Telugu, an absolute alien language to me, I realised how very much Sanskrit like it is, thus sounds so musical (though I still don’t understand Telugu as of now but sooner or later I will). I broke my own record of watching so many movies in a short period of time and no points for guessing that all of them were Prabhas’ movies. I know there are many like me around non-telugu regions of India who underwent same mania but sorry can’t help it. This man enchanted us with his desi looks and charm. My tweets can vouch for that.

So I was also about to mention a bad impact. Well I can’t think of anything else!!! That is really dangerous. Right? 😛

But above all I consider Baahubali as Indian pride. We have watched hollywood movies and liked just for graphics and vfx but not really felt the connect or understood the story (That’s me  😀 ) but Baahubali is a movie where story and actors are our own. And from what I have followed on social media, this movie is creating storms around the world. More power to Director Shri S.S. Rajamouli and the whole team of Baahubali. It is a pride to see baahubali making and breaking records. May it reaches more heights and the conclusive part gets more love and lives upto our expectations or even beyond that.

Jai Mahishmati. Har Har Mahadev 🙂

6 thoughts on “Stuck in Baahubali Storm

  1. Thank you. Yes, movies do have impact on our society and if a movie like Baahubali comes then it is nothing less than a positive impact.

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  3. Very good post. I like your effort in trying to learn another Indian language and how "a movie" can change so much in a person.

  4. As a telugu speaking person, i was so convincing towards your love over rajamouli's (jakanna's )bahubali.which is one of the spectacular all over the world. Our telugu films always find a new way to reach audience through their anticipation.But jakanna,who is sophisticated about limelight makes an individual live in his characterization….hats off to his sculpturization….by his die hard fan,,,,dilip dev

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