To Baahubali.. with love.. and loads of it..

On one fine day I was watching a bollywood film in theater. And then they played a trailer of a dubbed South Indian movie. I had no idea what it was or who the actors were but it somehow appealed to my senses. That trailer was of the movie Baahubali. It looked like some mytho-fantasy-period film and I told my friend that we have to catch this movie as it had Dharma Productions name attached as well. But still I had no great hopes from it.

Then I totally forgot about this and thanks to twitter I got to know that this movie has become a nation-wide rage. I searched more about it and read the reviews. Many astonishing facts like being the most expensive Indian movie to highest grosser on day one to what not came to my notice. Since I love this mytho-fantasy genre so I decided to watch it. And then the magic happened.

Now whatever I will write is coming from the heart of a pure fangirl who got smitten by the grandeur and excellence of Baahubali or as I love to say that I am stuck in Baahubali Storm. The whole movie kept me over the edge with grand backgrounds and beautiful everything. It seemed as if the Makers and the whole team gave in everything to make this dream a reality. The character design, their costumes, performances, music, sets, natural background everything transported me to another parallel world. And the fact that it is purely Made-in-India product developed a sense of respect for the makers of Baahubali. It is not that I haven’t watched and liked fantasy Hollywood movies like LOTR and alike but to be honest I never felt any connection with the story or characters. Afterall desi desi hota aur videshi videshi. I felt great watching a movie with desi backdrop. India, our beautiful ancient land has so many war and valor stories to be told and that can play an inspiration to artists. When I read and watched interviews of the director Mr SS Rajamouli I loved that how proudly and easily he said that he got inspiration from Mahabhaarat and Ramayan to make this movie. Salute to him and his father who wrote the script.


Now how should I start about what I loved in the movie..! It will be like writing the whole movie again. Hats off to the awesome actors Ramya Krishnan, Satyaraj, Anushka, Tamannah, Rana and everyone else who played their role assigned to perfection. The characters are beautifully designed and the best thing is that despite being a male centered movie the females were shown in a powerful role. Shivagami, Sanga, Devsena, Avantika: girls you rocked like literally..! The music, songs were such that took me to another mystical world. Its songs have been on loop. To my pleasant surprise they have used Sanskrit at many parts. And thankfully the lyrics and dialogue in Hindi dubbing were meaningful and sensible as well unlike what we hear in other South Indian dubbed movies.

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Now let me say a few words (ahem.. 😉 ) for the man of the moment the great Prabhas. What should I say about this man. Seriously India already had this amazing actor who is already a superhit superstar in his state but still was unknown to many in the country. Suddenly Prabhas became my dream man, that man from my mystical, mythological parallel world. The way he performed and outdone himself in roles of Shiva and Amarendra baahubali left me awestruck. The free spirit and flamboyancy of Shiva or a charmer and great warrior quality of Amarendra, this man played it beyond perfection. As Shiva when he lifts the holy rock of Shivlingam, carries it over shoulder to place it under waterfall had that innocent wonderment (thanks Shambhavi for this adjective). Thanks for playing Shiv Tandav Stotram in background to make this scene more powerful. And no words to explain how I loved the song Dheevara that involved Shiva chasing the lady of his imagination who helped him reach his destiny in a way. Tamannah, my dear you looked like an angel in this song. This movie turned me into a full fledged Prabhas’ fangirl or the way he refers his fans, Prabhas’ darling. I Tweeted like mad to shower my craze to the man who sadly is not on twitter. And few of my twitter friends can verify this who prayed for my safety from this craze.


But sorry guys I don’t want to be rescued from baahubali. 😀 Prabhas played so many shades in this one movie: a caring and doting son, a romantic man climbing and crossing waterfall, a fearless prince for whom his country and countrymen matter the most. And thanks to my twitter friend Sirisha who helped me live this craze. I watched many movies starring Prabhas after this.

Action-fantasy-drama-romance-adventure-patriotism everything was perfect and worked for me in Baahubali. I have nothing bad to say or criticize anything in this movie. And this one movie that I can watch for ‘n’ number of times is baahubali. I don’t remember watching any Indian movie that kept me curious till last scene. Action as they say is as good as seen in Hollywood movies. The dedication and hard work of 3 years or more is clearly visible. And just like other millions of Indians I am desperately waiting for Baahubali: The conclusion. And for Prabhas let me quote the hindi lyrics of song of Baahubali

Kaun hai wo, kaun hai wo, kahan se wo aaya

chaaron dishaon me tej sa wo chhaya.. ‘

Till then lets keep guessing and asking the question of the year: ‘Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyu maaraa?’ 😀

7 thoughts on “To Baahubali.. with love.. and loads of it..

  1. Oh no. Baahubali has created a lot of stir all over India and infact everywhere else around the world. We should be proud that finally we have an Indian movie that is Indian in true sense, that reflects our ancient past and beautiful culture.

  2. Thank you. Yes, I truly feel that we have been fed that west is better and in this whole process we have ignored rather insulted our own beautiful culture. No culture is better than other. It is just one should not forget his own roots. I have been longing for such movie as movies do create a different and strong impact, We can see Baahubali has created its mark in our society.
    And I am not a reviewer, just someone who writes what I feel like. So I can claim that yes I love Baahubali. 🙂

  3. The good thing about your posts is, you know what you like and want and you unabashedly claim it. Indians have long followed the western ways because of being told that they were the best. Its never about who is better than the other, its about your own DNA, what is yearns for. You liked the movie simply because it reflects our being, our centuries of history that knowingly/unknowingly plays in our subconscious. Suddenly you see all of yourselves connecting with it, as if you knew it from a long time and you have come home. The feeling of oneness. That is what we Indians need to return to, to be the greatest again. You are an open book, when it comes to your feelings and its very refreshing to read/know. Good job!

  4. […] since I have already mentioned it in my previous blogs (read here Stuck in Baahubali Storm and To Baahubali.. with love.. and loads of it..) . This blog is about a very special part rather sequence from the movie Baahubali. It is about a […]

  5. Hi anu ji (actually I call all fans of prabhas as darlings but we don't knew each other so I will u with name) , irrespective of genders Darling prabhas has millions of fans as like u and the Telugu girls are literally crazy about him and to anybody's surprise millions of boys also as crazy as girls the reason for this craze i think not only his cherm but also his innocence and humble personality, the way he calls everyone as darlings is the magic, we zenerally can't see in others. And I like prabhas because of his overall personality not just because he is a hero.

    And come to baahubali , yes you are not only the one dear, it made me also crazy and I really don't know why? , u can see on my twitter , and I don't know how many times I have watched this movie but still I can feel goosebumps while watching the movie.

    OK thank u for being someone who resemble me in baahubali's interest so that I could tell my self "man your not mad", happy independence day

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