Cheers to the Good People

Admit it, none of us is that simple as we claim to be. Throughout our lives, we all go through mood swings, ups and downs, bad phases, times when we feel like giving up everything, times when there is no turning back and also no sure future visible. Society is after you, keeping an eye on your movement, your result, your whereabouts, whom you meet. May be they don’t do it intentionally but definitely like to gossip at your expense. There are times you think that God has not made any single being who can understand your mental state or has the patience to hear your weird reasons. And those who you think can be your strength suddenly start acting naive and stranger. I know I am sounding very depressing as if I have lost hope on life and society. But sometimes strangers come into your life, to hear feel your emotions and lend a patient ear to your issues.

Basically, we lack the vision to find good people whom we can trust. Trust is a serious issue. And why shouldn’t it be? Also in this fast paced world, when we all are running and rushing at own pace, we don’t have the patience to hear other’s misery or handle their mood swings. We all are lonely in this overly populated world. May be that is why depression has become such a hit among youth and kids. Because we don’t have anyone to talk to, we don’t have time to be someone’s confidant, we don’t have time to boost someone’s morale or just be by their side.

Now let’s talk about the good people. Those good people also have a life, a job, family, friends and even their own problems to deal with. Some go through break up, some frustrated by work related issues, boss drama, family issues etc. But one thing they have is patience and empathy for others. They may not know you since childhood. You may have met them recently or found them on social media randomly and not met in person. But you really don’t need to be present in person to lend a patient ear. You really don’t need to know a person in and out to hear his or her story. In fact, this way they are free of any prejudices and pre conceived notions. Such people take out time for others. They are not consumed in their own life.

I am not saying my life is completely sorted out or going smooth but thankfully I have found certain good people who weren’t even known to me a few months ago. They are not my childhood buddies or cousins or parents but sometimes new people should enter our lives. That is the process of growing up. I am thankful to those who make me feel that I haven’t lost everything. They may not live right next door or even in the same city but then one’s presence is felt through his or her thoughts and not the body. They are an addition to my small world. Old ones remain as special and important but new ones just added more beautiful colors in my life.

None of us should feel lonely. All we need to do is to look around, we are a planet of exploding population. Even if we are able to find at least one such angel, we don’t need to feel depressed. And at the same time, let us also be someone’s angel. We may or may not find instant solutions to our problems but at least expressing it all out makes one feel better emotionally. Or rather we can save someone from slipping into emotional turmoil.

Because being alone is fine but being lonely is pathetic.


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