Holy and cool – Rishikesh

I can whole heartily say that Rishikesh is my all-time favorite destination when it comes to relaxation, spirituality and proximity. Sitting on the banks of Ganga Maa is the happiness of another level. The whole environment is peaceful and positive. Having many options of stay, from ashrams to hotels to resorts and even camp sites, Rishikesh caters all age groups. With activities like Bungee Jump, Rafting, trekking, camping etc, even the youth can have some ‘cool’ time here.


My favorite memories of Rishikesh is the Ganga Aarti. The reflection of the setting sun illuminates the Ganga followed by the lights of Aarti deepak. The soothing mantra and other holy hymns fill up the air and help us feel the divine. A sense of finding the divine, feeling oneself and the peace hovers around. All men and women there seem to be enjoying the divine moments. Some busy clicking the pictures, some by dancing to the tunes, some singing, clapping while some simply sitting with closed eyes and finding the quiet moment even in the sound. The whole environment seems to enjoy the pure feelings of the devotees. The sounding of flowing Ganga touches the soul and shows despite all the hurdles, she keeps flowing and gives life to all who comes by. Jeeva-nadi. Praana-Nadi.

Rafting is one of the main highlights of this holy town. Even families enjoy the short distance rafting and true blue adventurists opt for long distance one. Having survived a rafting accident of overturning the raft in the middle of the river, I still feel like going back again. I haven’t been able to try the bungee jump (available in Rishikesh and also in my bucket list) yet, but I promise to myself I will go for it the next time I visit this town.

One can trek to Neelkanth Mahadev temple and other places around, camping on the banks of River Ganga, join Yoga sessions or simply sit on the banks of river Ganga and lose yourself in deep thoughts or meditate.  Basically, Rishikesh caters to travel needs of every age group. And the best part is that it is easily accessible.

Har Har Gange

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