Life from a train’s window

Indian Railways is the lifeline of our country. Taking us places, it works tirelessly. I personally love train journeys. It is really fun to observe the life from the window of a train seat. Going through green farms, concrete jungles, valleys, cutting through hills, across mighty rivers, along with the sea, it gives a sense that how things change around us but we keep moving. Hopping over the train berths: top, mid, bottom: as a kid, it used to be an adventure for me. I won’t deny that climbing the ladder for the upper berth is still an adventure for me and I do get thoughts as if I am going to slip or fall as I turn side while sleeping. As the train moves, that movement gives me a feeling as if I am sitting on a huge swing. The sound of its movement is like well-synchronized music.

In India, we love carrying food with us whenever we travel. With pooris and sabzi, it is also a tough task to serve the food in plates keeping balance inside a moving train. Moms are a pro in it, accept that. With options of ordering meals on trains, the journey has become much more easy and enjoyable. I won’t read any magazine or comic all year around but when I am in the train, purchasing Tinkle, Chacha Choudhary, Readers Digest or even a film magazine becomes a necessity. Loading phone and laptop with such movies that were in pending list since a long time with a special travel playlist simply set on travel mood. The co passengers become en-route buddies. Some really interesting people in the coach make the journey more enjoyable. I remember once there were soldiers going on holidays in our coach and it was really fun seeing them crack jokes, sing songs and in a light mood.
One of my most favorite train rides was between Chennai and Rameshwaram. Train going over the Pamban Bridge literally felt like riding over the sea. It moves slowly and steadily and I was gazing at the bouncy Bay of Bengal. It felt as if its water will cover the tracks soon. Hats off to the engineering and minds that went into creating that bridge. Also, a train ride from North to the south (Delhi to Goa and beyond), I enjoy seeing the change of landscapes. The plains of north change to valleys and tunnels of western ghats. A great change of sight and scenery makes me wonder how beautiful and vividly blessed land our country is.
Chennai to Rameshwaram

Indian Railways work to connect places and people. From remote places to popular cities, if it was not railways then mobility would have been such a difficult task. It is of such importance that under any agitation, agitators block the trains and destroy the railway tracks. That is so not a correct way to show your anger. As a good citizen and as a token of respect, we can at least keep it clean and unharmed. Indian Railways is coming up with great facilities and a modern touch for us but at the end of the day, it is our responsibility to leave them unharmed and be worthy of such facilities.


It is really fun to observe the life from the window of a train seat.


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