Not a Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler: a great concept that has many stories about how life changing experience it is. You get to discover yourself, introspect and push your limits to greater confidence. I agree with all. But I am more of ‘traveling with a companion’ kind of person. Here are my top reasons why I do not like being a solo traveler:

  • A friend in need is a friend indeed: The joy of sharing the same craze for travel with a person who keeps a similar level of enthusiasm and most importantly expressing the craze then and there is what I love.

  • As a safety measure: Any unfortunate event may lead to bad experience in such a way that we might not be able to overcome it anytime soon. But call it some psychological cushion that having a companion makes me feel safe.

  • So boring to eat alone: Eating alone is boring. As a solo traveler I can’t order varieties, may or may not some stranger like to share a meal or to chat on all sorts of the topic while eating.

  • Reviving bonds: A trip with friends/cousins/relatives make you relive old memories. We all have busy schedules, some live in different cities. So meeting with buddies can be possible only on a friends trip.

  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: Certain movies like Dil Chahta Hai and ZNMD have shaped this idea of a trip with friends in a ‘cool’ way, where you create memories of a lifetime at a new place, talk senseless and as sensitive and just live carefreely.

  •  A norm: Trust me, in India when you (especially a girl) say it loud to parents that I want to go as a solo traveler, a usual straight away answer will be NO. Their concern for your safety is not wrong. Finally, they will say ‘Friends ke saath akeli chali jaa‘ (Go ALONE with your FRIENDS)

  • Family Bonding: Home is a place to be but family trips help to relax and rejuvenate from the boring mundane life. As a solo traveler, you might miss that fun and carefree side of your parents that you would see on a family trip.

  •  Clicking pics: I admit that I have horrendous selfie skills. Also, I like to enjoy the moment instead of clicking. Thus it is always good to have a travel companion who can do these stuff, where I can pose and get clicked or a candid click for memories to live later.
But the most important thing in all the above reasons is to have a good travel companion. Your friend/ partner/ spouse/ parents/ grandparents or whosoever but someone with whom you share same wavelength and enthusiasm to travel and push your limits to explore. Make new friends as you travel but it is fine to have an old companion to make new memories. With due respect to all solo travelers, even when traveling with a companion, you can discover yourself, make memories, have moments of solitude and do all sorts of fun. Just keep exploring. 🙂

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